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Polk County Democratic Precinct Leaders

We would like to thank to all the leaders listed below for their hard work and dedication to our cause. Their term will end on  November 30th and Polk DEC will start its new term with the newly elected PCs  (also known as PC Renewal Process) during the August Primaries and the automatic members starting December 1,2020. 

On Monday, December 7, 2020 the DEC will hold 2020 Polk County Democratic Party Organizational Meeting.

All the voting members have been notified via USPS mail letter and email.

If you have received either of the notifications then please make sure the required forms are provided before the deadlines.

If you are not sure about your current status or would like to continue as Precinct leader then please send an email to

The organizational meeting will be available via Facebook live or YouTube channel for other Democrats to observe.

Stay tuned for more information…

Membership & Precinct Organizing Committee (MPOC) 

Brian Jorgesen (Chair)
Judy Haberek (District 1)
Jiwa Farrell (District 2)
Open (District 3)
Chris Cause (District 4)
Becky Wynkoop (District 5 East)
Chuck Warren and Bernie Warren (District 5 West) 
Cesar Ramirez (Hispanic Coordinator)
Taylor Aguilera (Voter Registration & VBM Coordinator)
Open (training coordinator)
Shelly Miller (MPOC Secretary)
Veysel Dokur (Credentials & Website Administrator)
Marion Nelson (Member at Large)
Danette May (Member at Large)
Norma Wilderson (Member at Large)
John Perez (Member at Large)
Kathie Sutherland (Advisor)

102  Judy Haberek
105  Barbara Harris
106. Kimberly Patton
107  Debra Savarese
109  Mike Murray
111  Danette May*
112 Shelly RossMays
116  Brett Upthagrove
117  Colter Roche, Mauria Roche, James Roche
118  Veysel Dokur

201  James Farrel, Jiwa Farrell
203  Donna Windsor
204  Ricky Shirah
207  Cheryl Alexander
208  Greg Burnett, Philip R. Grinker, Lynn Mawhinney, Pricilla Miller
216  Justin Neal
219  David Gant, Sylvia Gant
222  Johnny DeJesus
224. Linda Field
225  Linda Stata, Shandale Terrell
226  Cesar R. Ramirez, Jeanette Ramirez
228  Candy Sgrillo
229  Andrea Chapman
230  Steven J. Webb
235  George Little
236  Brian Douglas Jorgesen*
239  Janet Barrow, Eileen Graham Swiler, London Crosby, Natalie Alexich
240  Jacquie Torres

301  Kwame E. Fosu
302  Sharalyn Price
303  Janet I. Anderson, Paul L. Anderson
304  Taylor Aguilera
314  Millie Joens
316 Melanie Fiorino
319  Carol Kostic
319  David Walker
322  Alfred Bruce Clark
323. Richard A. Arrington
324  Bob Doyel
325  Thelma L. Brooks
326  Tom Macy
327  Johnnie Thomas*
329  Rose E. Gunter, Leslie Welch
330  Amada Lynn Feltner
331  Norman “Lee” Burkhart, Polly Burkhart
332  Karen Welzel
337. Deborah Gilliam Anderson
339  Jill Dunlop, Shelley Miller

401  Chris Cause
404 Brandon Kneeld
407 Anne Huffman
408  Nancy Schumacher
411  Jesse Brooks/At Large,  Leonard Guminski, Bea Motley, Ron Motley, Celestyne Williams
414  William Summers
416  Catherine Reddick
419  John Perez*
420  José A. Garcia, Ellis H. Moose, III*, Janice Stapleton

504  Marsha S. Polk
505  James Davis
507  Cindy Sellers Ransbottom
508  Sarah Fortney, Bernice S. Warren*, Charles Warren*
509  Walter O’Rourke, Joyce G. Thurman
510  Melody C. Goss, Samuel R. Goss
518  Ron Martin
521  Herman McCreary
526  Lavern Grey, Marion Nelson, Jim Para
529  Katherine Sutherland*, Norman P. Wilderson, Ronald McKie
530  David Jones, Jennifer Nanek
530  David Jones, Catherine Price
532  Robert Connors, Becky Wynkoop*
538  Scott Goodrich

Brett Upthagrove (Pct. 116)/At Large
Brandon Kneeld (Pct 404)/At Large
Anne Huffman (Pct.407)/At Large
Sarah Fortney (Pct. 508)/At Large