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A Note from the Chair – September 2020

I’m devastated by the death of RBG!  Without her activism, I would not have had the opportunities I did.  When I graduated from high school in St. Petersburg, FL in 1968, women DID NOT become doctors.  I had no role models and no expectations.  It took another 2 years and my Harvard graduate school experience as a Chemistry major to open my eyes to the idea that I, as a woman, could succeed as a physician based on my skills and capabilities without limitations due to my sex. 
It will be an abomination if the Republicans push through a politicized Supreme Court Justice at this late date, especially after what they did in 2016 when Merrick Garland, a highly qualified candidate, was proposed.  But, unfortunately, they have the power!  Over the past 4 years they have repeatedly shown that they place party over country.  They are experts at hypocrisy and lies.  They have nothing but disdain for the balance of power between the 3 branches of government. 
WE, THE PEOPLE, do not decide on the next Supreme Court appointment, but WE THE PEOPLE do decide on who we elect as our US Senators, and they will vote on the confirmation.  In 2016, our own FL Senator, Marco Rubio said,

We must hold him accountable.  Email him at or call him at 202-224-3041.  Daily.   
Our other source of power comes at the voting booth on Nov 3, 2020.  We must win, and we must win by a landslide.  You can help! 

Please don’t forget – we need more than just your vote this year.  Be sure to ask 3 friends to register to Vote by Mail, and then follow-up to ensure they send it in.  If you can spare even an hour a week, please volunteer.  If you can spare even $10, please donate


Stay safe and healthy!