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Polk County Legacy Society

The Polk County Legacy Society was formed in mid-2019 to establish a donor community to support the vision, goals and efforts of the Polk County Democratic Party. The Society is comprised of a community of benefactors who have chosen to support the Polk County Democratic Party at a higher level.

As a member of the Legacy Society, you will be instrumental in developing and achieving the financial goals and strategies of the Polk County Democratic Party, which will support getting Democrats elected, registering new voters, and getting our voters to the polls in all municipal, county, state, and federal elections.

Join us with your commitment today!

  Patron  $1,000
  Guardian  $2,500
  Champion  $5,000
  Visionary  $10,000
  Benefactor  $20,000

By becoming a member of the Legacy Society, you will be joining a group of committed supporters making a significant contribution towards achieving our mission.

To donate another amount, or a one-time donation, click here.

For more information, please contact our office at