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Four more years is not an option…


The election of our lifetimes is around the corner – This virus can’t and won’t stop our determination to get out the vote for Joe Biden and all down-ballot Democrats. Even though we can’t meet face to face, or knock on doors right now, we are abuzz with activities that you can choose from to make sure we see Donald Trump waving goodbye from Marine One as he departs the White House on January 20th 2021!

Become a Virtual Block Captain in the Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) Program
A Virtual Block Captain (VBC) contacts Democratic neighbors down the street or around the corner, via phone call, text, email, Whats App… Your choice! A list of these like-minded neighbors is provided. You introduce yourself, check in on them and help them sign up for Vote by Mail or Registration, and when election time is here you encourage them to mail in their ballot or to get out and vote. History shows us that contacting voters personally greatly increases turn-out.

Join Phone or Text Banks
Call or text specifically targeted Democrats and like-minded No Party (independent) voters, from a list and with a scripted message. For instance; “Hi I’m Jane with Polk County Democrats and I’m checking in to make sure you received your mail in ballot…”

Use Send Dems to text solely from your computer or tablet at the speed of lightening.
Log on and text voters from this amazing and easy to use online tool, and never touch your phone! A link is provided to the current Send Dems texting project. Once logged on a name, number and programed message to the voter shows up on the screen. You simply click on SEND, another comes up and you click SEND, over and over again. After you have sent many texts, you check the home screen for replies, and respond to them. The responses are there to choose from and you simply choose the appropriate response and send it. Your phone number and email address are never shown! Using Send Dems reaches so many people in such a short amount of time.

Write Post Cards
Post cards are colorfully hand-messaged, decorated and addressed, then mailed to a list of people provided to the volunteer. The volunteer can donate the stamps or stamps can be provided. Blank post cards are provided, or the volunteer can cut 8½ X 11-inch card stock into quarters.

Join a Democratic Club, Caucus or Committee That Interests You
There are many Democratic clubs in various areas of Polk County as well as caucuses that represent the advocacy of specific demographic groups (Hispanic, Black, LGBT…) or causes (Progressive, Environmental, Disability). All of these groups warmly welcome new members. Share your talents and experience or just lend a hand to a Polk Democratic Executive Committee (Local Democratic Party) committee, such as Finance, Legislative, Public Relations and Outreach.

Check out ( to keep up to date on and sign up for all events, initiatives and trainings.

Donate to the party by contributing online or by sending a check by mail:
(Payable to:)
Polk County Democrats
1553 South Combee Road
Lakeland, FL 33801

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