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The easiest way to join the DEC is to become a precinct captain. Precinct captains keep Democrats in their precinct informed and get out the vote during elections.

Simply fill out the application form and the attached Loyalty Oath. There are notaries available to sign your oath at all of our General Meetings. At the next General Meeting, existing members will vote to accept all new applications and welcome you to our Democratic family.


  • Precinct Representatives: The core of the DEC membership consists of ordinary citizens who care about Democratic ideals and the Democratic Party. Each voting precinct in Polk County elects 2 male and 2 female representatives to the DEC. This election occurs during the primary in each Presidential election year. If there are vacancies, the Chair may make appointments to fill those seats. Precinct members serve for four years and their term expires immediately prior to the organizational meeting every four years. This position is the most grassroots level and helps us connect to voters at the smallest organizational level, the precinct. It is very important to the election of Democrats.
  • At-Large Representatives: There are “at-large” appointments the DEC Chair can appoint. These members are subject to approval by the existing elected DEC membership. The goal is to ensure that there is accurate political, minority, and economic representation within the county. At-large terms are for one year only, and expire immediately prior to the organizational meeting every four years.
  • Democratic Elected Officials: All Democrats who are elected officials (other than judges) and who are elected countywide are automatic members. Also, Democratic elected officials from the municipalities may become members if they request that status, are nominated by the Chair, and are approved by the DEC membership.
  • Presidents of Democratic Clubs: These presidents of duly chartered Democratic clubs are automatic members of the DEC. The same is true for the presidents of Caucuses within Polk County.
  • Democratic Party Officers: The officers of the Democratic Party at the county, state and national levels are “Special At-large members” of the DEC if they request, at any time after their election, to be granted this status.


  • Attend DEC meetings: This is where you learn what is going on, hear from important guest speakers and hear about what you can do to help us with our purpose of getting more Democrats into elected office.
  • Serve on Committees: This is where the work gets done in between meetings.
  • Volunteer: We need people to knock on doors, make phone calls, plan events, reach out and so much more. In addition we have volunteer outreach opportunities that bring our members out into the community to affect change and promote well-being.
  • Join or Start a Democratic Club or Caucus: Clubs and caucuses enable Democrats to help further the goals of the Party on a local level. There are numerous clubs and caucuses in the County, organized by geographic area and affinity groups.
  • Get to Know Your Fellow DEC Members: Getting to know each other helps us work together to move the Democratic agenda forward.
  • Read and Know the Bylaws: These are the governing rules of the DEC, Some of which are summarized in this memo. You should obtain a copy, found on our website, if you do not already have one. Every member should be familiar with the bylaws.

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